Strategic Counsel

éclat’s strategic methodology is based on a pragmatic process that ensures we maximise your potential in the marketplace.

Our approach can be summed up by the 5 ‘Ps’:

  • Probe – ensure we understand your business and market
  • Plan – agree measurable goals and timeframes
  • Promise – commit to achieve those targets
  • Partner – work together to achieve common goals
  • Produce – continue working until we deliver

PR is the discipline that manages reputation, with the aim of earning the understanding and support of your target audience and influencing both their opinion and behaviour.

By tapping into its established relationships with key industry influencers, éclat probes deeply into your business, your technology, your industry, your market and the issues. We develop strong positioning, messages and PR campaigns that support our client’s overall corporate objectives and ensure that they are well positioned when it comes to competitors, market trends, issues and industry predictions.


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