Battle of the sexes

éclat is entering a girls’ team and a boys’ team into the Windsor Triathlon, and already the rivalry is hotting up!

As you may know, we have ‘Fat Fridays’ here at éclat where we overindulge on the latest yummy treat of choice. Lately, however, we seem to have had a run of Fat Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on and so forth. As a result of our many Fat Days, a few of us have been feeling a bit sluggish and decided to counteract this by signing up to the Windsor Triathlon as a relay team.

But we can’t do anything here without it becoming a bit competitive. So now, éclat is entering a girls’ team and a boys’ team, and already the rivalry is hotting up!

For the ladies, we’ve got Mel (swimming), Kelly (cycling) and Kim (running) competing as the Stiletto Supremes, whilst the boys consisting of Matt (swimming), Barry (cycling) and Richard (running) are Givin It A Tri – see what they did there?!

Training has already begun – for the Stiletto Supremes at least – and being the competitive types, we’re looking for forfeit suggestions for the losing team…Answers on a postcard please!

So, check back regularly as we chronicle our training highs and lows, plus prepare yourself for an exclusive interview with the winning team!

When not in the office, Kelly can either be found either lusting over inappropriate footwear (for someone with a long-term knee injury) or trying to catch her rescue pooch Polly. You can also find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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