Behind every cocktail is an enigma…

Infosec 2018 already feels like a distant memory. The sights, the sounds, the incredibly sore feet and back after lugging around laptops, press packs and refreshments… but it wouldn’t be Infosec without the legendary éclat pre-Infosec party!

As many of you know, most of éclat’s parties do include some sort of alcohol, and this event was no different! However, we had to really earn our refreshments this year by cracking codes and solving missions at The Bletchley, a somewhat-secret bar inspired by Alan Turing, WW2 and the enigma machine.

Alongside colleagues, clients, journalists and analyst friends, we each took turns solving clues and deciphering our favourite tastes and flavours – all of which resulted in a unique, personal cocktail that hit all the right notes. Some hilarity did ensue; you would think that a group of cyber security pros would be good at cracking codes and deciphering messages… all I’ll say is that some were most definitely better than others!

All in all, it was a fantastic event (if I do say so myself and yes, I was involved in the organisation of it!) and we had a great time catching up with our industry friends and colleagues ahead of the mania that is always Infosec. These events aren’t just a great place to unwind and relax, they also offer  clients, journalists and analysts a chance to network in a more informal setting, without the time and scheduling pressures that accompany a big show. This is especially true now that so many companies are competing for a journalist’s attention across the three days. 

That’s not to say we didn’t have a busy Infosec. With many of our clients exhibiting this year, we had a packed schedule filled with updates, interviews and briefings, and with a bigger show than ever before, let’s just say I more than doubled my average step count according to my Garmin!

So, while you may have missed out on this year’s code cracking cocktails, we’re already thinking up plans for next year so do get in touch. Especially if you’re also after a dedicated cyber security agency that can help you get your message out worldwide.

Over and out!

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