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éclat quickly established Duo Security’s media presence in Tier 1 titles

Duo Security – the Trusted Access Company – appointed éclat Marketing in November 2015 with the objective of introducing and building a profile with UK media, in support of its EMEA launch. Duo was already known as an innovative, fast growing and dynamic company in the US, so the initial focus was to build awareness for its disruptive approach to two factor authentication and build relationships with key UK media.

Since then, éclat has worked on numerous campaigns to support Duo’s Trusted Access message and the shift towards perimeter-less security. This has been a key part of its communications strategy during a period of rapid growth – Duo’s headcount tripled to more than 700 employees globally while working with éclat .

Through a combination of hard news stories, rapid response to breaking news, thought leadership articles and awards, éclat continued to build Duo Security’s media presence in Tier 1 titles.

Duo, which announced in 2018 that it had been acquired by Cisco Systems for $2.35 billion, is now firmly established as a leader in its field.


“We are delighted with all the work by éclat Marketing! The amount of exposure achieved is incredible and this is being noticed all around the firm, coming from up top as well. Keep up the good work!”

– Henry Seddon, VP EMEA, Duo Security


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