Educating the market on cyber security ratings



Press cuttings (July '18 - March '20)


Press and analyst briefings secured (July '18 - March '20)

88 million

Potential readership (July '18 - March '20)


Leading UK share of voice (December 2019)

Campaign overview

SecurityScorecard is the cyber security ratings global leader and the only service with more than a million organisations continuously rated. Its easy-to-read ratings system uses data-driven, objective, and continuously evolving metrics to offer insight into any organisation’s information security control weaknesses as well as potential supply chain vulnerabilities.

SecurityScorecard appointed éclat Marketing  as its UK Public Relations agency in July 2018.

The core objectives for the media and analyst activity were:

  • Educate the market on what security ratings are and how they will change the face of third party risk management
  • Create thought leadership position for SecurityScorecard executives
  • Obtain leading share of voice

éclat secured for SecurityScorecard the largest share of voice against competitors.

Successful PR activity conducted by éclat included an investigation into the security ratings of the top European football clubs, as well as rapid response commentary on breaking news such as Google’s $57m GDPR fine, NTT cyber insurance report and the BUPA data breach.

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