Is your PR agency doing a good job? Latest survey results

The following are the results of the “Is you PR agency doing a good job?” survey as of 3rd October 2019. Respondents were PR and marketing decision makers working in the cyber security industry.

They were asked a series of questions that would help them determine if their existing agency is delivering or whether it is time to make a change.

The survey is still running and if you are a PR and marketing decision maker working in the cyber security industry please visit:

Do you have clear objective metrics e.g. SoV (Share of Voice), quantity and quality of articles in place on an annual and quarterly basis that both you and the agency have signed up to?

Yes, these are in place on a quarterly and annual basis: 66%

Partially, we have goals, but they aren’t quantified and time specific: 22%

We don’t have any objectives in place: 11%

Is your agency regularly hitting your objectives?

Yes, they consistently hit the targets: 50%

They usually hit targets: 36%

We don’t have any objectives in place: 13%

How proactive is your agency in coming up with new initiatives to generate coverage?

They come up with new campaign ideas at least 3 or 4 times a year: 46%

They have come up with new ideas sporadically, but not consistently: 30%

They rely on us to provide them with content and ideas to generate coverage: 23%

When was the last time that your agency delivered a truly amazing piece of coverage in a tier one title?

In the last quarter: 41%

In the last six months: 34%

I can’t remember one/they haven’t delivered one: 24%

How would you rate the volume of coverage that your agency is delivering?

Amazing – they are meeting or exceeding our expectations: 37%

Good – but could be more consistent: 37%

Poor and below our expectations: 24%

How would you rate the overall quality of the coverage that your agency is delivering?

Good – but not often in the tier one titles and on topics that are core to our business: 55%

Amazing – we are getting on-top coverage in tier one titles on a regular basis: 31%

Poor – we are not getting exposure in the key titles on a subject matter that is relevant to our business: 13%

How would you rate the Account Team that is working with you?

First rate – we have total faith in our Account Team and they completely understand our business: 48%

Average – some members are strong and their understanding of our business is patchy: 37%

Poor – we seem to only deal with the junior members of the team, or we have seen a constant churn of team members: 13%

How important are you as a client within the context of the wider agency organisation according to your fee and your mindshare?

We are somewhere in the middle of the pack: 37%

We are one of their most important clients: 31%

We are towards the bottom/I don’t know: 31%

How would you assess the quality of the written content that the agency produces?

Excellent – it generally requires very little change: 55%

Average/inconsistent – we have to significantly edit written material: 31%

Poor – we regularly completely rewrite material: 13%

How would you rate the knowledge and understanding of your account team about the cyber security sector?

OK – they have some experience, but their knowledge could be better: 48%

First class – they have a deep understanding of the industry and a strong
track record in the security sector: 37%

Poor – they don’t have any specialist knowledge around cyber security: 13%

How would you rate the media and analyst contacts of your agency?

Average – they have a few relationships, but not a lot: 41%

Excellent – they know who to pitch with what story: 41%

Poor – they seem to rely on sending out press releases and don’t appear to have any real relationships with key media: 17%

If you were to move to another company in the same sector would you appoint them again?

Definitely: 37%

Maybe: 37%

No: 24%

If you would like more information about when to change your PR agency please contact:

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