We’ve ripped up the time-sheets and focus on results, not effort

A ‘Payment-by-Results’ approach geared to generating value for your cyber security business.

The old timesheet approach to PR encourages agencies to be lazy and reactive.  We’ve ripped up the timesheets and focus on results, not effort.  We share the risk/reward of investing in PR with our clients.

Most agencies are good at getting coverage when clients bring them the stories. The mark of a great PR agency is one that gets you coverage when you’ve got no hard news.  At éclat we’ve developed a process and ability to consistently achieve headline-generating stories using our own creativity and knowledge of the cyber security market.

We understand that being busy is very different from bringing value. Our ‘Payment-by-Results’ (PBR) PR approach changes the dynamic between client and agency. We agree on measurable targets with our clients each quarter and link a quarter of our fees to hitting those targets. We are one of the very few PR agencies that have the confidence in their work to do this. We do it because we believe in the impact our work makes to the companies we work with – we have seen it, we do it every day, and we are confident we will do it for you and your cyber security business.

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