Top ten cyber security awards to enter

Below is our top ten list of awards that any cyber security company should consider entering. Please check deadlines on the home page of each individual award: 

UK Cloud Awards

When:  June 2020

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Why you should enter: now in its seventh year, the awards are a great opportunity to showcase innovation and excellence in the cloud industry  

SC Awards Europe 

When: June 2020

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Why you should enter: this is the mainevent in the cyber security awards calendar and one of the most sought-after accolades in the industry.

CRN Sales and Marketing Awards

When: July 2020

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Why you should enter: excellent opportunity to showcase the individuals and teams within sales and marketing that are making a difference, with categories across distributors, resellers and vendors.  

Cyber Security Awards

When: 10th September 2020

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Why you should enter: opportunities for recognition across products, individuals, teams and companies in cyber security.

Cyber Security Breakthrough Awards

When:  October 14th 2020

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Why you should enter: recognises the top companies, products, technical innovation and people, the  organisers say this “aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of Cyber Security companies and solutions on the market today.”

Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards

When: 21st October

More info:

Why you should enter: recognises achievements of individuals and companies and aims to shine the spotlight on those outside the marketing team who are ‘making it happen at the coalface’.

UK IT Industry Awards

When: 11th November 2020

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Why you should enter: highly prestigious and one of the most well know IT industry awards; the final judging is conducted by a 1-1 panel to select winners.   

CRN Channel Awards

When:  12th November 2020

More info: 

Why you should enter: the leading award in the industry for celebrating the success in the channel, across distributors, vendors and resellers.  

Computing Technology Product Awards

When: 27th November 2020

More info:

Why you should enter: diverse range of categories to recognise tech talent, votes on the shortlist will determine the winners.  

Computing Security Excellence Awards

When: 2nd December 2020

More Info:

Why you should enter: celebrates a range of elements for security success, from companies and solutions to products and personalities.

If you would like more information about awards and entering, please contact [email protected]

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