eBooks and White Papers

In-depth exploration of core topics created as high quality eBooks and White Papers.

Alongside thought leadership pieces and blogs, our team is also experienced in creating longer form content in the form of eBooks. Each eBook can provide an in-depth exploration of a core topic, presented in an attractive layout that can be used to drive traffic to your site, shared with clients and prospects directly, or even printed and used as a physical asset for activity such as industry events.

├ęclat will commence the project with an extensive planning session to establish the core topics, content and scope for the eBook, leading to the creation of a plan and timeline.

Once this has been agreed, we will conduct in-depth briefings with all spokespeople contributing to the eBook before drafting the copy for review. The production will include the creation of a customised cover, and the incorporation of imagery provided by the client, or appropriate stock imagery throughout. Bespoke template and imagery design is also available.

We can produce eBooks and White Papers that are anywhere from five to fifty pages, with the resulting copy being available as a downloadable high quality PDF.

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