Video production

Engaging content for your website or social media.

As every marketing professional knows, video is king when it comes to developing engaging content for your website, or to post on social media sites. However, developing great video content that will really strike a chord with your target audience of security professionals requires a knowledge of the market, an understanding of what resonates with your specialist audience as well as a professionally produced video that is of a high quality to impress your prospects without costing a king’s ransom.

éclat can plan, produce and edit broadcast quality videos, using our specialist knowledge of the cybersecurity market, together with our expertise in video production, to offer clients a cost-effective means to capture and record content that will entertain, inform and educate.

We can create videos covering areas including:

  • Customer case studies
  • Thought leadership and technical expertise
  • Round tables
  • Vox pops
  • Interviews with key spokespeople – with the option for a journalist or analyst as the interviewer
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