You had me at Merlot

So it was that time of year again – InfoSecurity Europe week! A tremendously busy and crazy week for cybersecurity vendors, journalists, analysts, PR practitioners, and anyone else in the industry.

Like every year, it kickedwine tasting off with éclat’s annual pre-Infosec party to which we welcomed a number of clients, partners, journalists and analysts. This year we held a competitive wine tasting event run by Pip Martin at The Tasting Quarter. After a few arrival drinks and some networking, all attendees (including the éclat crew) were split into five teams, some with better names than others… You had me at Merlot and Norfolk In Chance being the more memorable ones. We were given three white wines and three red wines to taste and identify, along with phials containing different aromas to smell. You had me at Merlot, not only had the best name, but also the most success, securing first place after a heated bonus question round.

(I don’t suppose you’ve guessed which team I was on yet?)

All in all it was a great event! Being fairly new not only to éclat, but also both the PR and cybersecurity worlds, for me it was great to meet some of our clients face-to-face, as well as journalists and analysts with whom so far I’ve only exchanged telephone calls and emails.

Of course, wine tasting was only the start. Throughout the week our team (bar Matt who was on standby for a new arrival) all had the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of Olympia. We had a series of meetings, interviews, briefings, dinners, and drinks receptions, with our various cybersecurity clients. I must also point out, all of us have most definitely hit our daily step count, not that we track that or anything…

Some of our other highlights include: riding on a Jet Ski simulator; tasting ice cream frozen by liquid nitrogen (it’s great by the way); and catching up with old – or perhaps I should say, familiar – faces, as well as making new acquaintances . Overall, it was a great week for the éclat team but I think it’s safe to say we’re now all looking forward to some downtime!

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